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Looking to show a little love to your favorite stoner? Whether it’s your lover, your best friend, or a treat for yourself, we’ve rounded up a few essentials for every stoner wishlist:

  1. Printable stoner games to play the next time the gang hangs out by Favors & Stuff on Etsy
  2. Magnetic weed poetry, because you’ll want something to do while you’re microwaving the Hot Pockets. Available on Amazon
  3. An ashtray to remind you to Act Natural, from Urban Outfitters.
  4. Neon DARE fanny pack for a middle school flashback, from Tipsy Elves
  5. You’re so DOPE card by Turtle Soup on Etsy
  6. Smoke Buddy, for when you need to smoke on the DL, available on Amazon
  7. 420 Goody Box for new goodies each month!
  8. A lava lamp, because, obviously. Available on Amazon.
  9. Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned notebook so you can remember all your …. brilliant ideas … Available on Amazon.

What are your stoner essentials? Tell me in the comments!

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