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What an incredible time it is to be alive! Unicorn glitter lovers can rejoice because the internet is full of incredible goodies and gifts PERFECT for us!

  1. Unicorn phone charger available on Amazon
  2. Confetti in the air print by Thimblepress
  3. The best big, chunky body glitter
  4.  available on Amazon
  5. Kate Spade glitter earrings available on Amazon
  6. Everyday I’m sparklin’ tote
  7. Physcadelic mermaid pillow she won’t be able to stop touching, from Amazon
  8. Unicorn facemask
  9. A fun confetti bag to brighten up her travel accessories
  10. Unicorn farts cotton candy, because, obviously. Available on Amazon
  11. Confetti tape available from Thimblepress

Have you ever received a gift you truly loved? What was it? Tell me about it in the comments!

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