Currently booking custom gifts for Fall & Holiday 2018!


Iintentionally-designed, meaningful gifts that people LOVE to receive.

Favors & Swag

Ready to put all that Pinterest overwhelm into action? I can help.


Printable party games designed with FUN in mind for any occasion.

Unique, thoughtful gifts they’ll LOVE

Capture personalities. Immortalize inside jokes. Give something special.

Take the quiz, approve your design, shop your products, and give better gifts. Easy. Intentional. GIFT MAGIC.

– Custom typographical art, designed with you in mind
– 1 standard item of your choice (t-shirt, mug, tote)
– Add additional items with same design for $15+

What sort of “favors & stuff” is available?

The world is your oyster, dear friend! Thanks to the Internet + modern technology + my particular set of skills*, just about anything is possible.
*all Liam Neeson/Taken-related puns absolutely intended

Whether you’re shopping for a single gift or need gear for the whole party, I’m here to help you create, design, and deliver an incredible experience.

(with just the right amount of sentimental value or hilarious, obnoxious cliches — because different occasions call for different gifts, obviously!). 

Apparel & Accessories
shirts, tanks, hoodies, bathing suits, totes, cosmetic bags, hats

Homegoods & Drinkware
mugs, cups, tumblers, koozies, tea towels, pillows

Baby & Pets
onesies, bandanas, bibs, bowls, and more

Prints & MORE
prints, posters, notebooks, notepads

any occasion!

Summer Bachelorette HQ

Capture personalities. Immortalize inside jokes. Give something special.

Take the quiz, approve your design, shop your products, and give better gifts. Easy. Intentional. GIFT MAGIC.

ready to make some gift magic?

our magic formula

intentional, thoughtful gifts designed with YOU in mind


We start with a quiz to gather the juicy details of who and what you’re shopping for (totally cool if that’s YOU, by the way!).

The key to the perfect gift is in knowing and understanding your recipient, so this gives me the inside scoop needed to start designing!


After your quiz and design deposit is received, it’s time for the magic to begin! Within 72 hours, you’ll receive a proof of your design to approve.

I can’t reveal ALL my secrets, but glitter + magic + secret sauce is definitely included here.


The grand finale: shop your custom design on a variety of quality products.

Mix and match your design on the products they actually want — a tote for your sister, a mug for yourself, and shirts for the whole crew (obviously).

Make Love Not Horcruxes t-shirt, $25 Favors & Stuff on Etsy

the magic of gift giving ?

Hi there! I’m Caitlin, and I’m here to help you give better, more meaningful gifts. 

Make your people feel special (or nostalgic, or laugh out loud, or elicit any feeling you want them to because THAT IS THE MAGIC OF GIFT GIVING). The possibilities are endless!

I LOVE the shirt – not only is the design clever (I love the subtle reference that only a true Hufflepuff would understand!) it’s very soft and the printing is well done.

10/10 would recommend.

– Erica S.

House Characteristics shirts available in our Etsy Shop:
Slytherin | Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw

My friend just kept shouting


? ? ?

It was so great. Thank you!!

– Sarah C.

ready to make some gift magic?

How does this sorcery work and what does it cost?


our signature service

Step 1: Insight / Quiz

Step 2: Design / Magic

Step 3: Shop your gifts & favors

– Secures your place in design queue
– Custom typographical art, inspired by your quiz answers & designed with you in mind – Art delivered for review within 72 hours
– Personalized gift gallery, curated with your custom design on quality products
– Includes 1 standard item of your choice (t-shirt, mug, tote)
– Shop additional items from your personalized gift guide for $15-$85
– Additional designs available for $29


Shopping for the whole party?

Let me help!

  • Party swag & favors — perfect for bachelorettes, birthdays, and any occasion

Tell me more about your party or project, and contact me for a custom quote


Have a big idea you want to bring to life?

I can help with things like:

  • Custom cookbooks & coffee table books — create a modern heirloom with this truly special gift
  • So much more. With over 10 years of graphic design experience, there are a lot of projects I can help out with. Tell me more about your idea to see if I can help.

Tell me more about your party or project, and contact me for a custom quote


Just print, cut, and party!

Printable games for any occasion: birthday, bachelorette, showers, and everything in between.

ready to make some gift magic?

2004, the shirt that started it all

(Sidenote to my dear J.K. and her powerful team of lawyers — I was a minor and had no idea what Trademark or Copyright was. These shirts were never sold for profit, and I know better now. Thank you for creating this magical, incredible world. Please don’t sue me. Kthnx. ??) 

your designer & gift magician ?

Hi there! I’m Caitlin, and I’m here to help you give better, more meaningful gifts. 

I’ve been designing fun, intentional gifts for as long as I can remember. I love creating magical gift experiences that make people feel special, loved, and understood (or just LOL for days). 

In 2004 I started creating t-shirts for the premiere of the latest Harry Potter movie for myself and a few friends. 

Over the next decade, I kept making shirts as each of the movies came out. I even served as the “Favors chair” of my sorority in college and have designed PR & corporate gifts throughout my career as a graphic designer.

Now I’m here to combine my magical gifting + design skills to help you create something truly awesome that your person is going to LOVE.

Ready to create some magic together?


What sort of gifts can you help me with?
Everything you see on this page is a product that could be purchased. And there is SO MUCH MORE.

Depending on the answers of your quiz, I’ll curate a gift gallery for you to shop your custom design on several products.

From t-shirts (

to baby outfits, tumblers, koozies, prints, cups, and so much more.



Games — our printable party games are available for purchase on our Etsy shop.

How long does the whole process take?
Everything can take up to about 3-4 weeks. T including design, fulfillment, and delivery. Everything we do is designed with you in mind. We don’t have a large overhead of products already made. Nothing exists until we create it together!
Can you copy this design I found online?
Nope. That’s art theft, and it’s not cool. If you find something online that you love, support that person’s creative business! Then come back and we’ll create something else together that you’ll also totally love. 😉
What's your return policy?
Most of our products are custom designs and don’t exist until we work together, so because there’s no inventory to return back to, we do not accept returns.

However, if your item arrives damaged or incorrect in some way, please let me know and I will do everything in my power to fix it. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any concerns about your order.

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