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Like many others, I feel a bit helpless sometimes at the current state of our world. I wanted to DO something. So I thought, what about giving back in a unique way.

With several natural disasters, a polarizing political climate, and news story after news story of the hatred and inequality that seems to run rampant in our world today, I knew it was important to do something.

But as a small, one-woman (and one cat) creative business, how can I help make a difference?

Well, if being a creative entrepreneur has taught me anything, it’s to stop questioning “what if” and just put something into action.

I’m proud to announce that Favors & Stuff has begun making small but regular donations to causes and organizations that are actively doing their part to make this world a better place.

In September 2017, we donated to CERF+, a non-profit organization that is providing direct financial relief to artists who have suffered career-threatening damages from Hurricane Harvey.

In August 2017, we donated to the For Alison Foundation, a non-profit organization with a deep personal connection to my family that is creating opportunities for children in rural Virginia to experience the arts firsthand.

Learn more about these incredible organizations and how we’re turning happier celebrations into a happier world.

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