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Winter can SUCK sometimes. S.A.D. is real. Make the dreary months a little less awful with one of these cozy gifts! (whether you purchase for yourself or a friend, we promise not to judge)

  1. A cute tumbler to keep her days bright (and coffee warm) even when it’s overcast and gross outside, available on Amazon
  2. Hand warmers, because when you can make the inside of your pockets more bearable, you do it.. available on Amazon
  3. The comfiest sweatshirt ever made (plus, it’s Oprah-approved!), sold on Amazon
  4. A portable electric heater to make her apartment look and feel cozier, available on Amazon
  5. An electric blanket to take cozy warmth to a whole new level, available on Amazon
  6. The Little Book of Hygge, available on Amazon
  7. Hot chocolate pops for a sweet treat, on Amazon
  8. An adorable Neon pom hat to add a bright spot of color to the overcast days, from The Neon Tea Party
  9. Glow in the dark stars for a fun indoor activity, available on Amazon
  10. Woodwick candle that smells (and sounds like!) cracking wood, available on Amazon
  11. Eat, drink and be cozy mug from A Little Tinsel on Etsy

Have you ever received a super cozy gift you LOVED? Tell me about it in the comments!

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